Custom wedding invitations
for the dreamers and romantics at heart. 

Erin Kimbell

In our whirlwind
digital era, 
I believe thoughtful, personalized touches
are the
ultimate luxury.

couldn't agree more?
we'll get along
just fine.

As a teenager, I began collecting Vogue and Martha Stewart Weddings under my bed, completely enamored with the distinctive styling and attention to detail in each issue.  I combine my love for letterforms with iconic timeless design, influenced by fashion, nature, interiors, and naturally, some of the greatest love stories of all time, to create thoughtful wedding stationery for the modern, romantic couple.

As an Enneagram 1w2, "The Innovator", I thrive when I’m creative problem solving and dreaming up unique designs.  With a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Texas Christian University, I'm comfortable managing deadlines and right at home taking care of all of the finer details.  So you can spend less time sweating the small stuff, and more time enjoying the beauty of your engagement!

You can usually find me in my studio, surrounded by paintbrushes and calligraphy nibs, exploring new color palettes, or taking my family on our next grand adventure, seeking beauty in the unexpected.

My greatest joy comes from using my art to help people connect. 

My love affair with handwriting and the written word dates back to the '90s when passing notes in the hallways was still cool.


As a calligrapher and artist, I specialize in combining classic influences with modern elegance. I love a clean, elegant, European-inspired aesthetic, and enjoy juxtaposing modern and old-world styles. With 8 years of calligraphy experience and dozens of designs sent to print, my work has had the pleasure of popping into mailboxes all over the world. 

I merge my love for calligraphy with art and design to create memorable artful wedding invitations for the modern romantic couple.  

At the heart of everything is my desire to help you celebrate your love.

Let’s create wedding invitations Martha would approve of

Oh, you’re in just the right place, friend!

What you're after? An elevated affair, full of beautiful, thoughtful touches.
Wedding paper that delights.

When in doubt,
throw in a healthy dose of calligraphy
for good measure.

It's a failsafe way to add a touch of effortless elegance
to your big day.

I’m Erin, a wedding invitation designer and calligrapher for couples in love with understated elegance and thoughtful details.

Couples who can’t wait to plan the wedding of their dreams.

 Who want a wedding that’s as beautiful as it is fun. A night their friends will relive over cocktails for years to come.

If you're anything like me, Martha Stewart Weddings has been collecting dust under your bed loong before you said "yes."  You've had that secret Pinterest board for your dream wedding since you first said "I love you."

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I believe

A highlight of each week is stopping by my favorite local flower shop or cutting fresh blooms from my growing garden.

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100% POWERED BY ROSÉ AND charcuterie


But my favorite way to travel is where the road takes me and stopping to see the beautiful places along the way.

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I love dressing up a table as much as I love dressing myself!

Takes pleasure in the ritual of setting a beautiful table




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Champagne, always!

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It’s your dream day.  Surround yourself with people that can help you bring your vision to life.
Let’s create something beautiful.

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 One-of-a-kind wedding invitations for romantics               


at heart.              

Fingers smudged with ink, you will find me holed up in my home studio doing calligraphy drills and creating exclusive wedding invitation suites for modern couples that value tradition.  

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