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Welcome to The Wild Fleur, a journal about calligraphy, design, and the occasional peek into lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Erin.

Houston, Texas Wedding Editorial A formal and elegant shoot while being simultaneously modern and timeless.  Imagine a summer wedding held on the grounds of a meticulously maintained historical estate, complete with rolling green pastures filled with grazing horses.  Strolling across the terrace with a glass of champagne in hand, toasting to the happiness of your […]

      Once you nail down your wedding date and book your stationer, it’s time to begin drafting your guest list.  Brushing up on the rules of wedding envelope addressing etiquette as you gather your guests’ addresses, ensures your list is properly formatted.  I offer both calligraphy guest addressing and digital envelope printing for […]

For modern couples, the sky’s the limit when it comes to invitation wording.  There are countless ways to invite your guests to your wedding that reflect the style of the occasion. Just remember, your wording sets the tone for the event – it’s the first glimpse your guests have into what to expect for the […]

You chose to be surrounded by these beautiful women on your wedding day for a reason.  They have been by your side through it all and celebrate with you in finding the partner of your dreams.  Thank your bridesmaids for all their help with one of these thoughtful bridesmaid gifts suited for all occasions. Blossom […]

Grammar is SO important in our lives. It reflects how we were raised and dictates how we communicate with one another.  For formal occasions, like weddings, grammar is especially important, which is why I created an entire wedding invitation etiquette series to help answer the questions to those tricky situations you are likely to come […]

I recently asked on Instagram what you want to know more about, and over and over again you asked me about when to order wedding invitations and save the dates. The answer has a few complexities to consider depending on the length of your engagement (the current average is 14 months according to Wedding Wire) […]

Congratulations!  You’re engaged and entering into one of the most celebratory times of your life.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve had that secret Pinterest board for years, waiting just for wedding planning.  But be cautious.  An abundance of inspiration can quickly highjack your vision, sweeping you away into falsely seeking out the “perfect” wedding. […]

So you may be thinking it is time to make a change in your business.  Maybe you feel like your sales funnel is not converting potential clients into paying, raving fans.  Or you feel like you are itching for a rebrand.  Or you are about to expand into a new market.  If any of these […]

With Mother’s Day just around the corner let me help you find that special something for your mom or mother-in-law that shows how much you love and appreciate her.  As an avid gift giver, I’ve found that the key to a killer gift lies at the intersection between her style and interests and is something […]

Where did the Lupine Letters story begin? My love affair with handwriting and the written word dates back to the 90s when passing notes in the hallways were still cool.  Sending and receiving notes has thrilled me since my childhood.  At the age of eight or nine, I had a pen-pal that lived thousands of […]